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RedicasLife / RedicasStudy
Free educational material

World Lecture Hall. Free online course material and access to lecture notes. From University of Texas at Austin.새 창으로 열기

Free Radio, Television and Journalism courses from the BBC.새 창으로 열기

Online computer training tutorials for programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop:새 창으로 열기

Free courses on a variety of subjects:새 창으로 열기

Free courses from MIT:새 창으로 열기

Free online business courses from the SBA:새 창으로 열기

Free online courses and reading groups at Barnes and Noble University.새 창으로 열기

The official learning and development center of the U.S. Federal Government.새 창으로 열기

Free online Bible study lessons:새 창으로 열기

Free courses from the University of Washington:새 창으로 열기

Free math courses online.새 창으로 열기

Free online study guides at SparkN새 창으로 열기:

Free University Project. Study for the CLEP general eduction subject exams.새 창으로 열기

Free study materials at Pink Monkey.새 창으로 열기

Free online video courses on a number of subjects. I love these!새 창으로 열기

Math For Morons:새 창으로 열기

Geography Lessons Online:새 창으로 열기

Free FEMA web courses. You can get credit for these through a couple of community colleges.새 창으로 열기

Online Geography Text Book:새 창으로 열기

Introduction To Sociology. Online text book.새 창으로 열기

Free Bible studies online. Can be transferred to for-credit college degree through Ames Bible College later.새 창으로 열기

Free online learning provided by Columbia University:

Free Genealogy courses From BYU:새 창으로 열기

Tufts Open Courseware: http://ocw.tufts.edu새 창으로 열기

Utah State University Open Courseware: http://ocw.usu.edu새 창으로 열기

Johns Hopkins Open Courseware: http://ocw.jhsph.edu새 창으로 열기

The Internet Public Library:

Great Books Online:

Project Gutenberg. Free e-books available for download.

Google Scholar. Google makes available a database of academic articles and e-books.새 창으로 열기

Fulbright Open Courseware:새 창으로 열기

Kyoto University Open Courseware:새 창으로 열기

Free Online Language courses:새 창으로 열기

Free Bible and Biblican archeology courses:새 창으로 열기

Suite101. Free continuing education courses.새 창으로 열기

Free general interest courses from새 창으로 열기 Take courses for free for personal interest, or pay $8 per contact hour for CE credit.새 창으로 열기

Land-Grant Training Alliance. Free online computer training courses. No longer updated.새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기

Open Courseware Directory:새 창으로 열기

Sofia Free Intellectual Assets:새 창으로 열기

few free online courses for free nursing continuing education credits.새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기

Other free nursing CEUS at: http://www.powerpak.com새 창으로 열기 Free courseware for pharmacists, nurses, and physicians

Another site where you can obtain lots of free CEUS is:새 창으로 열기 All in area of pain control.

These sites save nurses a ton of money.

Others include:새 창으로 열기 offers 1-4 free courses a month.

For free NBCC( For Counselors) ceus ( hard to find free ones) go to:새 창으로 열기?

Topics include suicide prevention, tobacco cessation, addictions, genetics etc.

and at새 창으로 열기

will find some free courses for ceus needed approved by: The following online courses available on this site have been approved for credit from the following accrediting bodies:

National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. National Association of Social Workers National Board of Certified Counselors NAADAC - The Association for Addiction Professionals

Topics include bullying, substance abuse , domestic violence.

It's not specifically for teachers or classroom settings, but you can learn first aid and CPR online.새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기

Free High School courses for Florida residents.새 창으로 열기

Free online high school for Minnesota residents:

http://blueskyschool.org새 창으로 열기

Free Online High School For select California Residents:

Free Online High School for Colorado residents:새 창으로 열기

Online library and study resource aimed at high school students:새 창으로 열기

Verizon Literacy Campus. Online literacy courses from Verizon.새 창으로 열기

Free IT courses:새 창으로 열기

School For Champions. Business and Science courses.새 창으로 열기

Online chats and speeches from Harvard:새 창으로 열기

Journalism training courses from Ne ws University. Offered by the Poynter Institute. Requires registration. Most courses are free. Some have a charge.

http://www.new새 창으로 열기 s

Community Dispatch - service which lists free online courses, some of them for CEU credit.새 창으로 열기

Free online course in Arabic:새 창으로 열기

Free courses in a variety of topics:새 창으로 열기

Free online course about starting a business and writing a business plan. The course is free, but they charge for a textbook새 창으로 열기

Free online course in Modern Icelandic.새 창으로 열기

THIS IS COOL! Create your own online course. Free software!새 창으로 열기

Free Jewish studies online:새 창으로 열기

Research Channel, educational videos available online.새 창으로 열기새 창으로 열기

Another site that may be of some interest

http://www.biblicaltraining.org새 창으로 열기

Open Source Text Books. Free access to textbooks online:새 창으로 열기

Internet Archive. Open-access text archive containing many, many text books and other "great books".새 창으로 열기

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