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Finally I got whole season1!!

I'm not sure I could see the whole seasons. It's easy to get the files of season 1 but the others wouldn't easy like that and said it was not interesting enough. The Apprentice is just for my English skill upgrade, something more interesting will be needed. Anyway the most discusting and difficult problem is I don't have enough time to see them. From next week my semester is started. Diseater!! Oh my goodness.

Subject of Season 1

1.1.1. The Ultimate Job Interview!

  1. The Candidates
  2. Extended Audition Tapes
  3. The Boss
  4. Insights and Advice
  5. "Donaldisms"
  6. From 16 to One
  7. The Board of Directors
  8. Truth From a Taxi
  9. Deleted Scenes
  10. Advice From Season One Veterans
  11. "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" Music Video
  12. The Job Offer
  13. The Future: A Look Ahead

-- Redica 2008-8-28 8:50 am

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