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RedicasDiary / RedicasDiaryPast

Thursday, May 1, 2003

May day, it is a holiday for worker in the world, I have to attend the trade class because it isn't the principle for school. The professor sent the answer sheet to me, mark was not good as I expected. I didn't write the right answer even I knew it exactly. I didn't know why I didn't catch the right answer.

Saturday, May 3, 2003

It was a busy day today. I got up at 9 o'clock. A complexed feeling of my condition, I was not sure I could attend the Saturday English meeting. During having breakfast, cornflakes, I changed my mind to go and see the members. There would(<-will) be members who could not be seen for a(<-see) long time, because of the mid-term exam, the business works and so on.
When I arrived in starbucks there was none(<-no one) of members and the whole building was vibrated by the extremendous mechine of remodeling operation just near of it. I changed the seats several times, the vibration followed me, I had to give it up. The meeting held for just two, Heesoo Park and me. And it was joyful enough, we could talk each other almost two hours of the chaper and the book. Such as 'do you like reading science and mathemathics?', 'why do you read them?' and so on. After the intense dicsuccion we went to the bookstore, I bought a TOEIC textbook and had a lunch.
The weather was clear and a little hot. It took 20 minutes to go to the gallary Gong-Pyung, we saw some paintings. One of Heesoo's friends, Jae-young Min, displayed her paintings at two gallaries; Gong-Pyung art center and gallary Sang; in Insa-dong, she wanted to go and celebrate being displayed in famous place. Her paintings looked special, and the technique was unfamilar to me. But her works looked powerful and soft at the same time. I liked the style.
It was the first time I mat her, even though I found her name several times in Freefeel. She looked an exquisite artist who had an innocent face and tender manner.
Mind space, it was the last day to exbite in ho-am art hall, we, three women, went there. Every space had special meaning and showed the meaning of exhibition. A big room filled with the square gauze net gave us comfort, we spent time longer in it. We could see spectators through the net and they could see us.
The beginning of today was difficult, but it was the happyending, gave me a happiness. I could see the beautiful and attractive paintings and felt the solving stress from my tough life. It was a perfect day.

Sunday, May 4, 2003

I slept all day long. It was hard days to me, I didn't have enough time to relex I decided it would be a lazy day for me. I got up 10 o'clock and had a breakfest as scrembled fork meats and lettuce and strolled aroung the internet pages before went to sleep again. I slept for several hours, the cell phone rang I forgot the ringing or not. It would be from my mother who cared about my feeling after the declerlation of my brother's marrege. Nothing hurt my feeling I was happy enough and it gave me a little relief. Anyway it was the mother, always worried about her son and daughter.

Monday, May 5, 2003

Still I was lazy. Watching movie and television, reading books, never saw the English textbook. Spend two days I will leave Seoul to go to east sea. Wait me~!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Nothing special. Just I didn't want to call to lazy directers for ordering to judge their humble leaders. Lazy directors, lazy leaders. All of them is same, none of them wanted to do for their development. Anyway I couldn't be sure it would be helpful or not. But I had to make them to evaluate themselves, they had the right to deny to do. What's the hell.

Wednesday, May 7,2003

Rainy day, it gave me a special emotion like lazy or smooth and so on. An old memories, some of them were sweet and others were sore. Fortunately they are not make me wondering through sorrow from the memories.
Long time ago I waited a friend in rainy day like today. We had made an appointment several days ago. It was a heavy raining day, the wave wanted to break down the bank along the Gwang-An-Li seashore. Besides the window which covered whole wall, I could feel the wind, rain and their toughness. I waited about 3 hours, no, I enjoyed the situation. Whenever I thought the sea, the windy and rainy day came to me. I lost the friend now, the memory of the rainy day still belongs to me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The play, Jo-Tong-Myun-ok was a funny comedy of parady about our socity which was filled with big mouthes and black hands.
The story was simple; the master of Jo-Tong-Myun-ok, a Korean restaurant didn't want to be unified the divied countries, south and north Korea, because the restaurant was the secret gateway from one to the other. He was paided the passage money by the passengers who wanted to cross the barrier without any certifications like visa, passport by the two government, south and north Korea.
The soliloquy of Ok-wha why she sleept with many men didn't match with the whole story. It was not good to me.
After the playing we(Guess with whom?) went to the jazz cafe. (oh, I didn't remember the name.emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif ) There was a band of old man, three men looked over 50 years old, and two young player. They played loud jazz music, but you know it was pretty good for the place and the people like us. We drunk two battles of beer each, and enjoyed the music and the losen darken mood. Spending good time with good one. Don't you think it was a perfect night?

Saturday, May 17, 2003

It was a little cool morning when I arrived at Pyeong-chon. LeeEunKyoung stunding up the end of stairs with a bright smile was the earlist. She looked more pretty, mysterious and beautful than she was, I thought she had a something secret during the unshown period. What was that??? I was curious. Soo arrived a little late but she was brave as always. The place where we waited another members was wide and sophisticated like a wide park. This visit of Pyung-chon was made me think again living another place not in Seoul. Anyway it looked so difficult for me, who wondered until mid-night or over then. Can you guess what we ate in Soo's place? I didn't tell you because I wanted to keep that just for the visiters in that special day. The only thing I could mention was it was perfect and comfort with delight. Many thanks to Soo and her family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'm still alive. (Write a sentence in a day. emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif )

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Normally I don't have a lunch. I dicided not to go have lunch few years ago, because of long waiting line and always it looks like wasting time. Today, I'm listening to the music, Gu-mi, a really good, brand new singer and the style is similar to the Lee Eun Mi's, my favorite woman singer.
I enjoy the relax time only for me, no ringing, no calling, and no one but me.
Yesterday. I went to see an emotinal play in Dae-Hak-Ro. The title was "The story of an old couple." All the time to see that, there was tears on my face, I couldn't stop crying. That made me think about my parents who growled each other everyday, specially in their younger years. As time goes by, their power for quarrel goes weak. But I don't know exactly how they are, I live far from them. Maybe they have quarrels sometimes and discuss something and so on. I can image that. No one can be heard their shout, because the house is a little far from other resident's houses. It is a lucky one.emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif
The woman who went there with me was an old member of last company, she is studying English in Canada, just visits for her younger brother's wedding. She will come back to Korea in August in this year. I think it is a wast of time and money to come again just for her brother's wedding. I have no idea. She is a most brave one whom I've seen, she always improves her lot. I envy that, I envy her courage and dicision. How can I do like her? What may I have to change among my attitudes?

Friday, May 23, 2003

Nothing happened but worked all day long for preparing materials of important meetings on next Monday. Nothing happended but I had to come back home twice at 1 am and now. I didn't come home yesterday, it was a mid-night when I came home around 2 o'clock. I was so happy. emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif So I'm going to sleep in few minutes. Wait me, the sweet dreams!!!
After all I didn't catch any dreams.
-- Redica 2003-5-24 10:43 am

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Last week, it passed like a thunder. I didn't remember what happened during the days, only many calls and the analyst worker didn't good job than I expected. At first time I saw her, she looked a well trained and talented one, but I have to change the evaluation of her. It would be taken a little time to evaluate her again. Anyway she excused several time and the documents made by her had faults here and there, I had to check again. I've no idea which one were fault, her working or my order. Maybe both were not exactly. Well I have to change my style of working order, it was ambiguous and vague in sometimes, it would be difficult and not clear to them. I know my style, it is different from other's, the MBTI says to me. By the way, the councils for choose the successors in important positions should be going well, it is a problem.

Tuesday. May 27, 2003

Got up early before 6 o'clock in this morning, I dicided to go riding bicycle along the Han river. The weather was clear because of raining during the last weekend, it was just a little cold it wasn't worth of weather of late spring, it was like one day of summer. After riding a bike for a while, I wanted to run by my own foot. Just want to be soaked with sweat by running like the great one who runs across the Sahara desert and Fisher, the member of the German National Assembly. But, probably you can image I couldn't run enough. It was too hard to endure the heart beating and the breathing. emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif I could realize how long I didn't move or train myself. Only 50 meters I can run. It was the first try, and it will be the starting point for my exercise. I wish I can run whole playground in one try.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Nothing special today, still busy as bees.
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