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RedicasDiary / RedicasDiaryPast

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Still busy... I'm a lazy one that's why.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It was ended at last, the exams and the reports and the presentation. And the Fourth semester was ended too. This semester was not easy to me nevertheless the subjects were only four. Many reports and my job was coming together I couldn't catch my consciousness exactly. Anyway all of them went to disappear to my memory.
But you know, there were prepared to study something for myself. Some of them were books, others were DVDs and one test of my English ability in next month. I have to prepare for getting good score which I want to get.
Where is my vacation, huh?

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Nothing I can do now but to sleep. I'll go to bed now. See you tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 2003

At last I could find myself again. Until yesterday morning I was in another place where I could do nothing like thinking, discussing, arguing, and pursuading with others. After having a generous lunch in china restaurant I caught my consciousness again. I finished several important subjects for Succession Planning and decided to check the system and the data. During the tremendous period for preparing the succession planning and the school exams the 24 hours were too short to do everything, and capacity of my head lighted red all the time. Anyway time goes by, my time was passed by just remained faint traces.
Maybe the hard time remains me my younger time than when I think about that. So it is the way to make the special memories for feeling the time, like I can say 'when I was....' What did you make a memory for your treasure?

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Getup a little early, I wondered around my favorite internet sites. Some one who lives with her husband in USA appeared in the Freefeel site. I thought it was an oasis to her the Freefeel as I was. Many stories she poured here and there. She said she was shy to meet others specially in another country and she was not the native speaker. She remainded me one of my friend, she was an intellectual and lovely woman for women and still I remember her bright giggle. She was married three years aga and is living small town near New York in USA. Only one or two times I heard about her, A baby, her husband and buy a house and so on. But I couldn't hear about herself. I didn't hear about her studying or learning something. At the beginning of marriage she had a plan to do something like learning English and entering school of her major(She was granted a doctorate at Iwha Women Univ. when she got married and teached the students at another school.) Still I'm wondering about her, and missing her bright smile. When can I go there and meet her?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Already three days passed I wrote the last diary. Nothing changed during the days, I couldn't find any handsome man, I shouln't make any decisions for my life. Just went to rafting and watched the sightscene near the North Korea. Ooops, I went to rafting. It was wonderful days and I could feel much about myself, how much I was selfish and how tough I was and so on. In my thought it would be difficult, it will be impossible to change myself as I am a human being. Why didn't I raise the emotion as mush as another people? All the time I could find the disgusting ones like the uncarful preparations of money or something. All the time if i had to prepare the event, I might be more careful than her. Oh, my.. All the time I was anger about that. How foolish I was. I didn't enjoy the important time for relaxing. Don't you think so? I might be the hardist leader if I have to do lead another person. I have to chage my charactor before late. What shall I do for me..?

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I was visited by one young man who decided to stop working here. He was one or two years younger than me, he doesn't speak Korean well. He emigrated to America when he was 7, and lived there until came back to Korea for working two years ago.(<- Lived in Korea before emigrating USA when he was 7 years old and lived there until came back Korea for working two years ago.) His Korean is so poor even he was studing in an institute and had to speak (<-was speaking) in Korean for work. It looks difficult to learn another language whether it is English or Korean. Several times I talked with him, because I 'm a woman and speak English a little and can understand his saying. Well, my broken English can have a power in some times, even I cannot believe that. I know you can not do that.
He has a special(<-spceial) plan to work with his friends, they are the ex-members whom he walked with before entering my company. I heard he was working in EDS and Murcer, and his ability is over-qualified than his job or position in here. And in my thought his language can be a problem. Communications in my company occur with Korean not English, nevertheless he can speak English well, it has the limit to understand the whole meaning. And the minor misunderstanding can make a big problem. From his case I can learn how much important the language is. And how difficult to understand between two languages. I know there is another reasion why he leaves the company. It will be a good chance to him and he looks happy to work in defferent circumstance with his friends. I wish it is a really good opportunity to him.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Yesterday was a special day to me and my cousins in Seoul. My big brother assembled us for scolding our attitude and so on as always. He is a handsome director in a small but reliable company and maybe 12 years older than me. His wife and one daughter was going to America during the summer time and one daughter, a high school student was living in another place near her school. So he enjoyed his accidential single life in large apartment seeing the Han River. Anyway one problem was that the restaurant was too far from our living basements, it was the east end of Seoul, Amsa-Dong, but our placement was the west end of Seoul and Inchon. It took one and half hour to go there. Huuuuu~.
If the dish was not good, we were really angry the long journey. But the Japaness restaurant was so good and it was worth to go. And it was too expensive(I cannot pay the bill, never thought about that.) What I want to say I and others ate too much, couldn't breath easily, I'm sure I have to exercise to lose my weight. Even now I can open my eyes. They are swollen.

Monday, June 30, 2003

The last day of June.. What did I do in this month? Nothing special or be worth to memory. Just ended my forth semester, and the first rafting in my life? To make the valuable memories which give me the cheerfulness during the whole life is the inevitable duty for human being. Some one make the joyful memorise and the others don't. Maybe they blame the others or theirself the last days until they are gone. I don't want to be.
During on the way to work, I was thinking about the better life for me. What is the best way to live in this world and what is the best thing I have to do for me and for my people, my family and whom I know and I love. Unfortunately I didn't find the way to do. Even I didn't make any plan to do in next year, and about my marriage. Shall I have to get married or can get merried? No one knows or is sure about that.
It is Monday today. There is a full of negative feeling in my mind, it is the beginning of the week. Change the thought. PLZ.

Something make me crazy, and the more inconvenient thing is I couldn't find the reasson.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Saturday, July 19, 2003

After Staurday's Discussion Meeting we had a lunch at Melodies in Kyobo bookstore. Had a small lunch, we just eat one cup of hot chocolate, a small pack of milk, a cup of coffee, two hot cakes it was for one person, half of a Kimbab, four Youbu susi and a pack of chicken salad for four women. It was the second visit (at the place), Melodies it is a little convient place to have a lunch for visiter who buy books or wonder around the bookstore. Some (one) ate something alone during reading some books and others(some) talked each other. No one bothered them and the price of food was not too high, even something was cheaper than other restaurants outside of the bookstore.
Today I had a special chance to join the Ko-TESOL seminar through HongCha's assistance. It was the first time (to me) to see many foreigners at the same time in Korea. And spending two hours just for speaking English not a word of Korean. The subject was "Konglish". The presenter showed the two definitions of Konglish, but in some part I couldn't agree. (to the first one). All the English spoken in Korea is Konglish? Hummmm. The second definition was convincing. Some words which don't(doesn't) use right way were(was) Konglish. The first part of seminar was the lecture, the second part was discussion. Most of them were teaching English in school, institute or in individual (teaching), but I was not. I just followed HongCha and I was a bystander!!! But I had to say something~~!!! Do you guess what I said? He~ I just said "Konglish is the word Korean can understand, but native speaker cannot understand." Don't you think it was a so simple definition?
On the way home I thought it would be wonderful if I could explain my thought freely in English. How much do I try to be?

Use too much word which is not necessary, and difficult to use the verb for singular and plural.

-- Redica 2003-7-23 1:54 pm

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Beginning of this month I was so up because of the business trip for learning about my job in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It would be the second business trip to abroad in my company and it made me happy. I gathered the informations about the country and found where to go, where to stay. Fourtunately the filght schedule was not fit for the training schedule I had to leave one day earler and it meant a whole day off before the training. What a wonderful it was!!!! And the returning day was Friday, I decided to return on Saturday and to visit the old city which is famous of the historical place, Malacca. It is said Kyung-joo in Malaysia. It was my schedule; departure on Monday, Kuala Lumpur city tour on Tuesday, Training on Wednesday and Thursday, moving to and city tour in Malacca on Friday, returning to Korea in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. It looked perfect and fantastic. But, as you know the plan was canceled and the training program was postponed.
Just three days before the fantastic week, a man who introduce himself the manager of the program called me and said the training would be postponed and he was sorry to said that. At that time I just thought the program would be canceled and that was all. BUT, I was astonished and shocked when I checked my bill of the cradit card yesterday. There was the great amount of money requested. At first I thought my eye had a trouble to see, and checked again. OH MY GOODNESS. I found the training fee which I didn't attend and I was not sure I could join or not. Called to the cradit card company, they said it would not be paid if the training company gave to information about cancelation within this month. I wrote a mail to them, but they didn't answer until in the morning.
The bad feeling touched my head, I called to the office. The Ugly Woman said there was no refund and I have to attend the training. If I couldn't any training given from the company, they couldn't give any solution but attend the training. What's the hell? Where is the GREAT justice??
Anyway it would be a good reason to go the business trip anyhow, I paid the training fee already. It's a wonderful world. emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif
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