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RedicasBook / RedicasBookshelves2004

온라인 서점으로 이동 ISBN:0141001771 I orded that because she looked like me..

-- Redica 2004-6-22 8:05 am

-- Redica 2004-6-24 12:43 pm

About the story of 30 year's old girl's story. It has the sub title, "where English is sometimes spoken".

Nothing special, just for muttering of one stupid girl who wants to be herself. After reading all the book, it was just killing time, I didn't understand the way of thinking of the girl. Still I can't.

But this book was filled with normal spoken English, sometimes difficult to comprehence. It is no worth to recommand. emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif

-- Redica 2004-7-3 4:28 pm


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