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변경사항 (가장 최근의 "일반적인 수정"부터) (다른 사용자에 의한 수정)

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My father must have sent them.
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RedicasLife / RedicasEnglish
They didn't buy that.
I've never been insulted.
Confound it, Rajah!
You've got to stop rejecting~
I've never done a thing on my own. I've never had any real friends.
Except you, Rajah!
I've never ever been outside the palace walls.
have my life lived for me
I've been looking for you
That's the clown we've been waiting for~
Let's have the guards extend him an invitation to the palace.
I want to thank you for stopping that man.
Is it that obvious?
you do kind of stand out.
My father must have sent them.
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