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RedicasFilms / ScentOfTheFilm2003

RedicasFilms / ScentOfTheFilm2003


Upload:simone_p.jpg Title : S1m0ne
Directed by Andrew Niccol
Writing credits (WGA) Andrew Niccol (written by)
Casting : Al Pacino(Viktor Taransky), Rachel Roberts (Simone), Catherine Keener(Elaine Christian), Evan Rachel Wood(Lainey Christian)
Year : 2002
Country : USA
Length : 117 min.
Watching : 2003-06-06
Marks : emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif emoticon//emoticon-smile.gif

Do you believe that the beautiful actoress is not exist in the world? Can you deny to accept the situation happen in the real world? It should be happen in real not so long time, I'm sure. The speed of the Information Technology is too fast to follow for normal human, even now we don't know what is happening in another place. Anyway this movie, S1m0ne was a good one for showing the desire about the virtual reality. And the actress looked fanstic and suspenstive.

I'm happy to see that nevertheless the network was not good; it made disconnections in several times, bcz I wanted to see that for a long time.


-- Redica 2003-6-6 8:26 pm

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