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Vocabulary 22000

3rd Trial --- ing


2nd trial. -- Fail

I didn't study the vocabulary with any book until now. I really regret about that. I make a study plan look so thoughtless in some part but it is the most tremendously important for raising my English ability.

Don't want to memorize all. It is impossible. Just glance the whole words in the book.

Clock : Good design in 1300K, if you read once this vocabulary22000 until May 31.

1st trial. --- Fail

Chapter Plan Do Check
Unit 1. Learning new words from the context2003-02-232003-02-23 ok
Unit 2. Enlarging vocabulary through central ideas2003-03-09..
Unit 3. Enlarging vocabulary through anglo-saxon prefixes2003-03-16..
Unit 4. Enlarging vocabulary through latin prefixes2003-03-23..
Unit 5. Enlarging vocabulary through latin roots2003-03-30..
Unit 6. Enlarging vocabulary through greek word elements2003-04-06..
Unit 7. Enlarging vocabulary through derivatives2003-04-13..
Unit 8. Words relationships and word analogies2003-04-20..

Nothing changed from February 23. emoticon//emoticon-sad.gif

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